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Spanish for Student Groups - Located in Cadiz Province

Information for Teachers

Personal safety

Health and supervision of students

Host families

Communicating with their parents while they are away

Visa requirements

Nationals of the USA, Canada, Japan and all member countries of the EU, Australia and New Zealand do not need a student or tourist visa to visit Spain. Students are considered a tourist while attending the Spanish study programme and they do not require a special student or academic visa while attending our short term programmes. The tourist visa is normally stamped right in the passport, and is usually valid for stays of up to 90 days. If you have any doubts, contact your nearest Spanish Embassy.

Arrival and departure days

It is the responsibility of the accompanying teacher/group leader to inform Trinity School of the arrival and departure days and time, complete flight details and local arrival time in advance. The school will not accept responsibility for any changes made by third parties to travel arrangements and at all time it is the teacher/group leader’s responsibility to communicate these changes and / or delays to the school so the group’s new airport pick up can be organized.


More Information for Spanish Teachers